Tourism for the Disabled

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Easy access: car park set aside for large vehicles and buses inside the courtyard and at the rear of the museum. Stairless access to the museum.

Visitors to the museum accompanied by a cultural mediator.  Through the large number of elements which can be touched, smelt and tasted, the mediator will help you experience the adventure of sugarcane and rum. It is, of course, possible to organise specific visits on request (visit adapted to the mentally handicapped, sensory workshops etc.).

Specific cultural mediation tools

You can take advantage of an hour-long guided visit using our audio guides. They are equipped with a magnetic strap for the comfort of persons hard of hearing wearing hearing aids. A miniature 3-D reproduction of the distillation column, the key element of the distillery, gives a closer understanding of rum manufacture.


€8. Mediation tools available free of charge. Means of payment accepted: cash, cheques, credit cards and Pass Loisirs cheques.

Visits using sign language!

A mediator for the hard of hearing is available through the Reunion Association for the Hard of Hearing, on reservation (minimum two days beforehand).

Please send an email to Yannick, our member of staff responsible for accessibility.

Send an email to Yannick